Massage/ Body Treatments

Leesa-Maree offers many different forms of massage at Studio.

If you want a deep relaxing massage that is one of my speciality massages.

Anything from Swedish simple style massage to Lomi Massage is available in Studio.

Guided Meditations and Body wraps are just a few of the treatments offered here at Leesa-Maree.

Every time you get a full body massage, you will actually receive a Head massage and Foot Reflexology included in the treatments for free.

Deep Tissue massage is an amazing way to rid the body of all those aches and pains, and being that I am a Powerlifter my strength is something that will assist in getting out all those stubborn knots.

Give me a call today and lets talk about your body issues, I know I can help you.

Body Treatments from Exfoliation to Detoxify Body wraps are available at Leesa-Maree.

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