Chemical Peels at Leesa-Maree

Chemical Peels are a great way to remove dead skin cells and regenerate Collagen and Elastin.

There are many different Chemical Peels offered at Leesa-Maree for many different concerns of your skin.



Acne Scaring


Fine Lines


There is a peel suited to you, and these peels are not severe and you will tolerate them well.

There will be some tingling and maybe some heat, but this is controlled and the whole process is very quick, you will be soothed with a beautiful Hyralonic Acid Mask on completion of the peel and then placed under the LED Luminux 920 for healing and collagen and elastin regeneration ( double Whammy ). You can get peels done in your lunch time and be comfortable enough to go back to work after the procedure.

If you are allergic to Aspirin you cannot have any salicylic acid peels as they contain aspirin.

That is the Beta Peel in Medik 8.

Medik 8

Aged Peel : Aged Skin and fine lines and wrinkles.  $129.00

White Peel: Pigmentation Peel.  $129.00

Beta Peel: Acne Peel $129.00

Meseostatics Peels.

Gylcolic 50%   Fine lines and Wrinkles , Acne , Pigmentation.  $129.00

Modified Jessner Peel. ( a stronger peel for those stubborn spots recommended 5 peels for best results ) $159.00

Excluding the "Cosmelan" peel, which is an award winning peel for the once only removal of Pigmentation, this peel generates peeling of the skin over a period of about 2 weeks and you will be red when it is removed after about 8 hours at your home. There is no pain with this peel process. The peel is applied in salon and you remove the peel in the specified time told to you by Leesa-Maree and then follow up with the products that have been supplied with the peel package. There is down time for this peel and you will be seen again in one week for follow up LED and checking on the process of the peel. This peel is for removal of Pigmentation and Wrinkles and gives your skin a youthful glow back, you won't be disappointed with the results .

"Cosmelan" peel is $800.00 but it is a once off peel and includes all after products for your amazing results.